Monday, 14 July 2014


Hello, I'm Caitlin and I've decided to start writing my blog again, but with a totally different approach and perspective! Recently, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes which was the biggest shock I think I've ever received. For a few months before hand, I'd been tired all the time and everyone thought I was lazy (ha!), drinking about 8 litres of water a day (and we all know what goes hand in hand with drinking a lot) and lost a lot of weight very quickly amongst other symptoms. I felt terrible and low all the time but it didn't even cross my mind to go to the doctors, because I believed that I was just being lazy and needed to snap out of it. Finally, it crossed my mind that there must be something bigger going on, so after googling the symptoms (bad move, I know..), I got my blood sugar tested and it was off the scale high. A few trips to the doctors and hospital later and I was home with packets of needles, blood glucose monitors and a feeling of complete bewilderment. I was totally overwhelmed.

It's not something you'll ever think will happen to you when you're fairly active, not particularly overweight and young. I mean, I'm 19! I'd put on quite a bit of weight at uni, fair enough, but I'd lost it and was really getting into a much healthier lifestyle when I found out, so you can imagine it was the last thing I expected. From what I've learnt so far, having diabetes is a bit of a journey. It's something you'll always be learning about and experimenting with to fit it around your life. I want to use this blog to explore it and support me in my ambitions to change my lifestyle even more. Even though it's not something that requires a huge lifestyle overhaul once you're being treat for it, I still feel inspired to make a change. I feel like young people don't really think about the very realistic future of having disease in our lives if we don't prevent it, and I want a lifestyle that will give me the best possible future.

Inspired by awesome ladies such as Deliciously Ella and Yoga With Adrienne, I am snapping out of my bad, lazy habits and leading a more active life. I'm cooking from scratch, yogaing it and running every day and spending more time outside. It's great and I'm feeling better already. I've got so much more energy and I honestly think it's really going to help me with doing better in my second year at uni if I'm going to get the first I'm after! I know that this is something I've said a thousand times before and I'm sure if any of my friends are reading this they'll laugh and say "yeah right", but I'm not doing anything for you, it's for me. I want to lose weight, I want to control my diabetes, I want to get fit and toned and sexy and I want to enjoy delicious, healthy food and the thing is, I know I can do it if I stop being such a quitter.

Obviously, I'm not just going to be writing "today I did yoga and my blood glucose was 5.6 at lunch time". That's just boring. This blog is going to be about my life, uni, my friends and family, my holidays, the charity work I'm doing, things that make me happy. I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say and hopefully one day I will be the positive, active girl I want to be.